De koffiebeker van gerecyclede koffiebekers

The coffee cup made from recycled coffee cups

Do you ever treat yourself to a good cup of coffee or tea to - go ? A daily ritual for some, a special moment of enjoyment for others. We are often served our favorite hot drink in a disposable paper cup. But did you know that it also contains plastic ? And that this sustainable-looking paper cup belongs with our other plastic waste (PMD) ? 

Each disposable paper cup has a thin layer of plastic, so that the drink does not leak through the cup. That is practical and nice for our hands, but it is also a burden on the environment. In the Netherlands we use no less than 3 billion disposable cups every year. That amounts to 173 disposable cups per person , per year!

Circular Cup

The solution: a reusable coffee cup that you can take to your favorite coffee shop . And what's better than a reusable coffee cup made from all those disposable paper cups? That is exactly what Circular&Co (Formerly rCUP) does with their Circular Cup . 

The English company collects used paper cups, compresses them and recycles them into reusable coffee cups. They kill two birds with one stone: existing disposable cups are put to good use and the use of disposable cups is reduced . And the benefit for you: a beautiful, durable cup that keeps your drink warm. 


100% recyclable

The Circular Cup lasts an average of 10 years. That saves a lot of disposable cups! If something breaks in the meantime, spare parts can easily be ordered from Circular&Co . If the cup is really 'finished', the company will be happy to take your cup back . You will then receive a discount on your new Circular Cup, while your old cup is recycled into a new one. 

Reduced CO2 emissions

Circulair&Co not only produces circularly, but is also sustainable. For example, since 2020, products have been made in both China and the United Kingdom. Depending on the location of the customer , products are delivered from one of the two locations . This has a beneficial, longing effect on their CO2 emissions. Production in England is also beneficial to the local economy. 

Will you be going out to support your favorite coffee shop ? Then bring a reusable coffee cup. Or order your new one Circular Cup in our shop. Do you live in Amsterdam? We will then personally deliver your purchase to you.