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Fair Sustainable Christmas

Johnny Jungle - Eco Social Shop has a mission: we want to be the change within the world of Christmas gifts and packages. Sustainable quality products, made under fair working conditions, the standard. Available from 50 pieces!

All products are made honestly, with love for people, animals and the environment. We also work with a sheltered workshop for large orders. Would you rather contact us immediately? Call us on 020-7009829 or email . We are happy to help you

Would you rather put together a package yourself?

Is there no package for you? You can of course also put it together yourself. We have a very nice collection of products with or without a logo.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Meaningful Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and that is of course the best time to show gratitude and the easiest way is of course through a nice Christmas gift. At Johnny Jungle - Eco Social Shop we believe that the meaning of Christmas goes beyond giving a gift. We believe that the choices we make, even when giving a Christmas gift, can have an impact on people, animals and the environment. That's why we hope to make this Christmas extra special with our sustainable Christmas packages.

A Christmas with Impact

Our Christmas gifts and packages tell a story: Fair prices, fair trade and sustainability. For us, Christmas is not just about receiving gifts, but more importantly the thought and intention. Our Christmas packages have been carefully put together, and there is something nice to say about all products. Together for impact. People, animals and the environment are central. Living consciously and looking at your fellow man.

Wrapped with Love

We are fans of Fairtrade and the sheltered workshop. When you place a large order with us, there is a good chance that we collaborate with the sheltered workshop. For packing or embroidering logos, for example. Together we can provide employment and opportunities to people who might otherwise have less access to the labor market. This means that your Christmas gift is not only a gift for the recipient, but also for everyone who lovingly helps put together and wrap this gift.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Sustainability is of course also important when shipping and packaging. We understand that the packaging of our Christmas gifts also plays an important role in our pursuit of a better world. That is why we carefully choose recycled materials and other environmentally friendly packaging materials. Where possible, we also try to look at how the products are shipped. Preferably by bike of course, but otherwise as green as possible.

A Sustainable Christmas

At Johnny Jungle, we understand that every business has unique needs, even during the holidays. That's why we offer a wide range of Christmas packages, so you can choose the perfect package that suits your company culture and values. Mostly organic products, local, fair trade or a mix of sustainable gifts. We want the Christmas package to be not just a gift, but to make your employee aware of our and your values ​​and wishes for a more sustainable world.

That's why we would love it if you would celebrate Christmas with us in a beautiful, honest and sustainable way. Together we can make the world a little more beautiful.