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Can I change or cancel an order?
Do you want to change or cancel your order? As long as you have not paid yet, you can still change your order. Once you have placed an order, you unfortunately cannot cancel it.

I paid with iDEAL but did not receive an order confirmation
Have you paid with iDEAL, but are you not sure whether your order was successful or not? Check whether money has been debited. If no money has been debited, the payment was unsuccessful. Then place the order again. We never debit an amount twice. Has money been debited, but have you not yet received an order confirmation? Then we advise you to wait a while. It can take up to an hour before we receive payments. If you have not received an order confirmation from us after an hour, please send an email to hallo@johnnyjungle.nl. We can help you quickly using your order number. This is always stated in the debit.

My credit card payment has been rejected
It may happen that your credit card payment is declined. We cannot see the reason for this. Refused payments cannot be reversed. If a payment is rejected, your order will be automatically canceled and nothing will be debited. Do you still want to place an order? Then place it again and choose a different payment method when paying.

If you have a complaint, we would like to hear from you. So that we can solve the problem properly together with you. You can send an email to hallo@johnnyjungle.nl We will contact you as soon as possible, but in any case within 7 working days.