Coffee cup to go Collapsible - Hunu


This collapsible cup from HUNU is BPA-free and made to banish disposable plastic cups! Handy for your coffee to go, juice or wine, the cup can be folded so small that it easily fits in your jacket pocket or bag. Also suitable as a promotional gift!

Rolling Stone
"Upgrade your coffee-on-the-go experience with this leakproof, BPA-free cup from Hunu — perfect to drop inside a backpack for a flight or a bike ride to the park."

Men's Health
"Definitely top of this years Christmas gift list. Compact, stylish and incredibly useful. We love the Hunu"

Good to know:

  • 300ml or 470ml with straw
  • Dimensions: 2.5cm collapsed
  • Made from food-grade silicone*
  • Free from BPAs, phthalates and all other nasty chemicals
  • Completely leak-free
  • Use it as a coffee cup, tea cup, wine or soft drink
  • Dishwasher safe, but we recommend washing by hand because of possible aftertastes, baking soda works well!
  • Can be placed in the microwave or freezer (without lid)
  • 1% for the planet!

Would you like it with a logo? This is possible from 100 pieces, call us 020 700 9829 or email



Did you know that 165 million single-use cups end up in landfill? Vince and Megan from the HUNU company thought this was reason enough to develop this sustainable cup.
The cups are made in China, this company is inspected through interviews with the staff. They have a positive attitude towards HUNU and work in a friendly environment with good working conditions.

  • 1% for the planet member! This means that they give 1% of their turnover to a charity that this organization offers.


* This material is resistant to heat and cold. Like boiling water. It can handle a minimum temperature of -80. Foodgrade is safe to use with food and drinks.


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