(Wild) Kamperen: 5 eco-social producten

(Wild) Camping: 5 eco-social products

Johnny Jungle is of course a fan of sustainable travel and camping is a very good one. And not only at the beautiful campsites that the Netherlands has to offer, but also the adventure; Wild camping!

Are you allowed to camp wild in the Netherlands? No, in the Netherlands you are not allowed to just pitch your tent in the wild. And you risk a hefty fine. Unfortunately, pole camping sites (tolerated wild camping in beautiful nature reserves) have been abolished since last year due to noise pollution and nature pollution. We of course hope that this will change and this rule will be withdrawn soon. 

But fortunately there is another alternative! What still gives the free, back to basic feeling are the (small) natural camping sites. You will hardly notice that you are at a campsite, but you will secretly benefit from the facilities such as an outside tap and a toilet. Furthermore, the nature here is usually unspoilt, there are no fixed places and you can often stand wherever you want. There are no fewer than 133 natural campsites spread throughout the Netherlands, 10 in France and 1 in Belgium. Many of these campsites are also open in autumn and even winter. 

Such a semi-wild camping trip naturally includes a few unmissable sustainable travel products that make your adventure completely complete and self-sufficient! Here we have listed 5 for you:

  1. Water filter bottle
    Are you going for a walk in the woods and are you too far from civilization to get water? You fill this sustainable water bottle with water from a ditch, lake, waterfall, you name it. And thanks to the filter you can drink this deliciously with 99.99% safety.
  2. Sleeping mat
    Our sleeping mat is lightweight and climate neutral. The production process does not contribute to climate change, as CO2 emissions are offset by protecting natural areas.
  3. Fire starter
    For your BBQ or cozy campfire... These are the first fire starters made of biobased plastic that are made of magnesium in the form of a rod. They also work at high altitudes and in wet conditions. Also useful: It has an emergency whistle in case you get lost on your adventure.
  4. Headlamp
    A flashlight is of course indispensable when night falls. By purchasing this fair headlamp that shines 50 meters, you support Biolite, which creates safe and reliable energy in developing countries. They are active in 23 countries in Africa and Asia and have already helped 1.4 million people with energy.
  5. Travelmes
    The handle of this Opinel travel knife is made of FSC* certified wood from their own forests in France . It has a stainless steel blade, is sharp and rust resistant. In addition, it is equipped with a safety ring that you can close so that the pocket knife never simply closes. 

Check the site Natuurkampeerterreinen.nl where you should go for your semi-wild camping adventures! And don't forget to bring your sustainable gear to these beautiful places! :)