CO2 uitstoot op reis

CO2 emissions when traveling

Are you also thinking more and more about your travels and how much CO2 emissions are released? Maybe you suffer from flying shame, but do you think it's a bit too much to ask for that beautiful long trip? We also regularly struggle with this. Do I quickly take the car or take the train a little longer, but as environmentally consciously as possible?

On the site: you fill in your journey from A to B and see how much CO2 emissions per mode of transport this produces and how long it takes you. For example, you can consider planting an extra tree yourself or spending an extra hour on the train. And if you think things are really going too far with that ticket to Bali, there is still the option to adopt a piece of rainforest! This can be done via the site

Good luck with these dilemmas! But above all: travel and enjoy consciously :)