Tips for trips: Geocaching

Ever heard of Geocaching? This really is the perfect walking game in corona times. And the great thing is, it can be played all over the world!

Briefly explained: You download the free app 'Geeaching'. Once you have logged in, you will immediately see a map on your phone with dozens of 'treasures' in your area. These treasures are called geocaches. Navigate to a selected geocache, when you have reached this destination you can look for the treasure (This is often a box or tube with a small logbook in it on which you can write your name)

It's also funny if you're doing your daily coffee run and just turn on this app to see if there's a geocache hidden somewhere nearby.
Or compete against your friends in the area to see who can find the most geocaches!
(And if you're scouring the ground anyway, you can combine it by picking up some trash in the meantime)

For more information, check or download the app right away.
You will be surprised how many geocaches are hidden in the Netherlands, even in the smaller villages. Have fun searching!