Beach Towel Hammam Towel Recycled - Oxious


These hammam towels are a mix of recycled material and residual textiles with the Oeko-Tex* quality mark. The cloths are made in a small village in Turkey.

Good to know:

  • Recycled material with Oeko-Tex* cotton
  • Dimensions: 170cm x 100cm
  • Fair trade: The women who make these cloths work under fair working conditions, receive more than the minimum wage, build up a pension and are insured against illness and disability.

  • Brand: Oxious, they are committed to improving the living and working environment in Denizli, Turkey. They are also concerned with sustainability and optimization of work processes for 0% textile waste.

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*Oeko-Tex: Oeko stands for eco and Tex for textiles: eco textiles. Oeko-Tex has a strict policy against harmful substances in textiles.