Sous Chef pan Recycled - Combekk


This quality double-handle frying pan is made of 100% recycled cast iron.
It has a strong, durable enamel layer so you will enjoy it for a long time. Combekk made these pans for the restaurant 'de Librije' (awarded with 3 Michelin stars).
Can be used on the BBQ, in the oven or on any heat source. You can also bake pizzas and cakes in it. Also available as a Dutch oven

Good to know:

  • Dimensions: 24cm diagonal, 5cm high
  • We also sell a Dutch Oven, see link
  • Suitable for all heat sources (including induction and BBQ)
  • With two handles
  • 2 year warranty
  • The lid of the 'Dutch Oven' that we also sell also fits this casserole

Why Eco & Social?

Combekk wants to make the world more sustainable. It therefore stands for durable, high-quality cookware. All products are designed in the original Combekk studio in the Netherlands and made with an enormous passion for cooking and great care for the planet.