Crockery wood: Bowl - 16.5cm


These acacia wood bowls show its charm because each plate has its natural print. The sustainable bowls are made in the Philippines, where acacia trees grow in abundance. For every tree cut down, a new tree is planted.

Good to know:

  • Made from Acacia sustainable hardwood
  • Lightweight
  • Diameter 16.5 cm
  • The trees have a wide color spectrum from warm to light segments, so the bowls are not identical in color
  • There is a small price difference between the light and dark bowls
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher
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Why Eco&Social?

The Kinta company provides decent wages and good working conditions to its producers. This is regularly checked by the company, as is the absence of child labor. They work together with a small number of family businesses that work according to the principles of Fairtrade. For every tree that is cut down, a new tree is planted.

Photography Kinta ©