Razor Safety Razor with 10 blades - Zero Waste Club


This recycled stainless steel razor is the alternative to disposable plastic razor blades. This razor comes in an eco packaging with 10 razor blades. The blades are easy to replace.

Good to know:

  • Made with 60% recycled stainless steel
  • Includes 10 blades
  • In principle, it will last your entire life
  • Hold the razor at an angle of approximately 30
  • You don't have to apply pressure while shaving
  • Brand: Zero Waste Club, based in England, fights for a greener world by selling sustainable plastic-free items. In addition, they find it important that their craftsmen are well paid and work under excellent working conditions.

Is this your first time switching to a reusable safety razor? Then it may take some getting used to at first because the blades are a bit sharper and therefore the position of the razor blade is important. You will feel this quickly enough and afterwards it will bring many benefits.