Thnx Tag M - For your lost stuff


You forgot your phone on the train, you left your bag at Schiphol or you suddenly lost your keys. Recognizable? Then Thnx tags is a solution for you. You hang this tag on your valuables. Anyone with a mobile can scan the QR code here, after which your data will appear. This way you can easily have your property back in your own hands!
Also useful for (perhaps not always) your four-legged friend.

Good to know:

  • 1x thnx tag M - 30 mm made of hard plastic with earpiece
  • Available in different shapes and sizes:
    thnx tag M - 30 mm
    thnx tag L - 46 mm
    sticker - 28mm
    button - 35mm
  • The finder uses the QR code and can contact you directly
  • You download the free app. You will also receive a notification if your property has been found and where it was scanned
  • Hang the tags on your backpack, key ring, dog, camera... You name it

You determine the information that the finder sees and you can always adjust it. The following information can be stored in the app: your name, address details, telephone number and/or email address. You get to see where the finder is, but no one can see where you are.

Advantages of our thnx tags:
+ Direct contact with the finder
+ Privacy is 100% guaranteed
+ Free user-friendly app
+ No Bluetooth or battery, always works
+ Easily edit data
+ Travels with you

Why Eco&Social?

The company thnx does not only aim to find your things and make people grateful and happy. They also want to make the world a little better every day. That's why 5% of their profits go to 'Team Alzheimer'. This is an Alzheimer's research team. For more information, visit their website: .