TLV Vegan cookbook - Jigal Newspaper


TLV Vegan Cookbook - Jigal Newspaper

After his award-winning cookbook TLV, Jigal Krant comes up with a surprising sequel. With the enthusiasm and humor we have come to expect from him, he throws himself into Tel Aviv's vibrant vegan scene. Because nowhere is there such delicious vegetable cooking as in the country without milk and honey. TLV Vegan is a cookbook, reading book and an intriguing attempt to find out why Tel Aviv, of all places, has become the vegan capital of the world.

In TLV Vegan, king oyster mushrooms are king oyster mushrooms and not vegan pulled pork and cashew nuts are cashew nuts and not vegan camembert. Vegetables, fruit, beans, grains, nuts and seeds do their best when they are allowed to just be themselves. They star in 101 mouth-watering recipes (which are almost unnoticed vegan).

TLV Vegan stimulates and challenges, but is never pedantic or coercive. Vincent van den Hoogen's striking images transport you to the happiest city on earth.