Veji Bag - Vegetables fresher for longer


This organic cotton bag keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to two weeks longer. Unlike plastic bags or boxes that smother vegetables, this bag keeps your vegetables alive and crisp in a moist, breathable environment.

Good to know:

  • sizes: Medium: 27.9 x 30.5cm Large: 27.9 x 43.2cm
  • The Vejibag uses humidity and air flow to keep products fresh for longer.
  • Wet the bag by holding it under the tap and wringing it out. Then you put your vegetables in it and put it in the refrigerator. This creates a moist environment in which the vegetables can breathe and slows down the spoilage process.

Why Eco&Social?

Owner Sally Erickson, discovered that even the freshest vegetables turn brown when stored in plastic, as well as cardboard. Sally prototyped her first “vegetarian” bags from organic fabric in her living room and began delivering her farmers market produce to her customers under the name Vejibags. The vegetable bags are now socially responsible, hand-sewn by Opportunity Threads, employees in Valdese, North Carolina.