Foundation - WWF


We would like to support charities with Johnny Jungle. That is why you can now donate money to a good cause with us and we will transfer this amount to the relevant foundation every quarter.

If your amount is not listed, you can of course do the multiple of 5 or 10 :)
The donation is not included in shipping costs.

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WWF - Help nature and become a conservationist

For us, nature is not opposed to humans, but we are an inseparable part of it. We love that all-encompassing nature. Of plants, animals and people in their greatest possible diversity. We are nature!

Biodiversity and the survival of the earth are of great importance to us. That's why we do everything we can to protect and restore it. This is desperately needed, because we are exhausting the earth more than it can handle. We want to restore the relationship between people and nature, in one world in which both can grow and flourish. So that future generations can enjoy nature as much as we do. Anyone who has a heart for nature can contribute with us. Connection is one of our core values. The better and more open we are in this regard, the better we are able to realize our ideal, in all kinds of ways and with as many people and parties as possible. With us they become part of a movement and contribute to something bigger for future generations: one world in which people and nature can grow and flourish. That unity is what we as WWF love and what we fight for.

Day in, day out, with heart and soul, with everything and everyone.
That is our mission.